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Boost Your Brain Power With PS-Ultimate Brain Food™

PS-Ultimate Brain Food™ is a natural remedy for improving memory and sharpening your thinking. PS™ is a 100% safe and effective brain food with a primary ingredient of 100 mg of phosphtidylserine (pronounced "foss-fah-tie-doll-sir-een").

Phosphatidylserine, or PS for short, is a soy-based nutrient which nourishes your brain and is an extremely effective natural way to improve memory function. In fact, many people well into their nineties take PS-Ultimate Brain Food™ to "turn back their mental clock" and help fight long and short term memory loss.

The scientific evidence for phosphatidylserine is overwhelming. There have been 64 clinical studies and more than 2,800 research papers on this remarkable brain food. Phosphatidylserine is the most important natural supplement you can take to rejuvenate your brain cells. This, in turn, boosts your brain's performance, and improves short term memory loss.

Overwhelming clinical research on phosphatidylserine and it's beneficial effects for those suffering from memory loss led to the creation of PS-Ultimate Brain Food™.

PS-Ultimate Brain Food™ is changing the way doctors think about memory loss and brain function in general. This unique formula promotes better memory recall, clearer cognitive function and easier learning.

Improve Your Memory and "De-Age" Your Brain

PS-Ultimate Brain Food™ can help you:

  • Improve memory recall
  • Eliminate "senior moments"
  • Increase your cognitive abilities
  • Improve your clarity and concentration
  • Enhance your learning skills
  • Brighten your thoughts and mood
  • Restore your independence
  • Safeguard your brain over time

PS-Ultimate Brain Food™ Success Story

"As a physician caregiver for a wife with (severe mental decline), I tried all the usual (solutions)... However they were totally ineffective in improving her ability to sleep at night, her great hostility and her total lack of any laughing or smiling. Within one week of starting PS™, her sleep pattern returned to normal and within one month all hostility ceased and she is once again laughing and smiling."
—Dr. John L. Paulus

"My mind is clearer. I remember more specifics... and details without hesitation. PS™ improved my self-esteem because I no longer worry about being embarrassed by forgetfulness."
—Robert W., Massachusetts


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